Poly Drivers: Vision screening

On Oct. 8, school nurses and parent volunteers ran an efficient and effective vision screening. The vision screening consists of a distance visual acuity test for grades K-2 and grades 3-5. It detects those students who aren’t seeing well at a distance. It is important for parents to note that this test does not take the place of a comprehensive eye exam with an eye doctor, which also addresses near vision and eye health. The American Optometric Association recommends that children have a full eye exam prior to kindergarten and at least every two years thereafter.

Special thanks to school nurses Melissa Archilla and Debbie Davis. And thank you to parent volunteers Caroline Chviliek, Robyn Willett, Amber Erlenbusch, and Jon and Jessica Peel.

Poly Drivers: Vision screening thank you

The PTA-sponsored vision screening went flawlessly thanks to the help of the following Poly Drive volunteers: Samantha Duncan, Robyn Willett, Tanya Dahlberg, Amber Erlenbusch, Julie Lien, Caroline Chvilicek and Cindy Stubbs.

Students kindergarten, first through third grades, and fifth grade had their vision screened by school district nurses on Sept. 23.

Thank you for giving the gift of your time to our students and the nurses.