Poly Drivers: Poly artists advance to state level


After months of learning and creating, several Poly Drive students have advanced to the state level competition of the National PTA’s Reflections Arts program.

This national competition has six categories: Photography, Dance Choreography, Film Production, Music Composition, Literature, and Visual Arts. Each year a different theme is chosen. This year, the theme is What’s Your Story? Students must submit a written piece, or artist statement along with their final work that makes a connection between their work and the theme. The work is first judged by category and age division within each school. The first and second place winners from each category advance to the state level. State level judging takes place in February. The first place entries at the state level advance to the National Level on March 1. National level winners will be announced on May 1.

Our group of 14 Poly Drive artists met twice a month to learn about composition, and art history, and to try new materials. Chairperson Deva Gallagher led the artists in their explorations and learning. Each student produced a final piece based upon the theme. The first and second place winners for each division/ category are:

Visual Arts grades K-2
1. Sadie R
2. Iris G

Visual Arts grades 3-5
1. Maren R
2. Caroline K

Literature grades 3-5
Leela O

The group’s work will be displayed at the Poly Drive talent show on February 24. The work will also be displayed at a local art gallery, and at Poly Drive School. Please e-mail Deva Gallagher at gdevatom@yahoo.com if you have a child interested in the arts, and would like to be added to the list for next year.
Congratulations to all our Poly Drive artists for their efforts! And a huge thank you to Deva for her dedication and expertise in this process, as well as the parents for supporting their artists.


Poly Drivers: Two art shows complete Talent Show evening


The Reflections Art Program is a National PTA initiative to encourage creativity. Students of all grades and abilities may participate. This year the theme was “What Is Your Story?” Poly Drive students participated in weekly art workshops October through February and brought home awards on the local level. All of the artists work was matted and presented in an art show during the Talent Show on Feb. 24.

Special thanks to Deva G for guiding our young artists through the program, for matting the artwork to be displayed, and for coordinating program details. What a difference you have made for our school community! Thank you to the parents that have been so committed to this art program, to Letha M and Tom G for the brilliant installation at the Talent Show and to judges Kelly E, Mrs. Bergeron and Mr. Cellan for their expert eyes.

Finally, and especially – congratulations to all the artists for their hard work and commitment to see it through to the end!

All pieces will be on display at Toucan Gallery at 2505 Montana Avenue April 8-14. Please visit the show and continue your support of Poly Drive talent!

The work was evaluated based upon three criteria:

  1. Interpretation of theme “What is Your Story” -20 points possible
  2. Creativity-10 points possible
  3. Technique-10 points possible

The first and second place winners at our local level were submitted to the state level of competition.

Primary (K-2)

  • 1st Place – Sadie R Two Loveable Pets
  • 2nd Place – Iris G Fish In The Sea

Intermediate (3-5)

  • 1st Place – Maren R How My Story Grows
  • 2nd Place – Caroline K My Happy Place

Literature Entry – Intermediate (3-5)

  • Leela O The Girl


Thank you so much for everyone who encouraged our students to enter in our first Juried Art Show. It was a very difficult decision to make when deciding what pieces would be accepted. Thirty seven pieces were entered and 26 pieces were accepted. Thanks to all the amazing artists for participating! Special thanks also goes to our Talent Showcase participants for rounding out a spectacular display of art and talent. Thank you!

Thank you to Mike C, juror, and Ursula R, Deva G, Kayleith P, Letha M and Jenny W for collection, installation and clean up.

  • 1st Place – Julia R Meet You on Bourbon Street
  • 2nd Place – Matija P June Bug
  • 3rd Place – Zoe D The North Star

Two pieces were purchased

  • Zoe G Deer – $40
  • Leela O Emu Silhouette – $13

All sale benefits go back to the original artist.

Poly Drivers: Roll credits – Talent Show brings Poly community together

That’s a wrap folks! On Friday, Feb. 24, Poly Drive PTA presented the 20th Annual Talent Show to a packed house of more than 600 people at Lewis & Clark Middle School. Teachers and staff were honored with a “Walk of Fame” leading to the auditorium, and students (and parents) had fun posing for photos under the “Polywood” sign on the red carpet – all setting the stage for the main event.

Immediately following the Talent Show, families were invited to connect and celebrate at the dessert reception and two student art shows. In all, showgoers were treated to a darling video, 26 unique performances on stage and over 40 pieces of visual art. Most of all, we got a chance to spend an evening together enjoying what we love most – our kids! We are grateful to the Poly school community, and owe a big round of applause to the countless people that helped put the evening together.

Mrs. Langeliers deserves a standing ovation for organizing the star-studded showcase that went off without a hitch. Your dedication to the children, passion for music and tireless energy are inspiring. Poly Drive is lucky to have you. Thank you!

Parents, families, teachers and friends – thank you for coming! Your laughter, support, cheers and claps mean the world! Also, thank you for sharing your cookies, brownies, fruit and treats. The dessert reception was a success thanks to all of you!

To the staff, teachers, PTA and board – thank you for your enthusiasm and involvement so we may continue the Talent Show tradition that Poly community has come to treasure over the years. We appreciate all you do, every day.

  • Mrs. Engler, Mrs. Reas, Mrs. Whittmeyer and Mrs. Walker for taking on the tough task of auditions.
  • High fives to Reas, Ms. Bauer, Ms. Hanley and Mrs. Monson for mad choreography skills on stage.
  • Huge thanks to all the teachers for participating in the awesome Poly Teachers video, especially to Mrs. Langeliers, Mrs. Caskey, Mrs. Colby, Mrs. Monson, Mrs. Reas, Mrs. Egan and Mrs. Whittmeyer for pulling it all together.
  • And to Mr. Croff for being “the dude,” and the best principal in the district. Thanks for all you do!

Many hands make light work. A big round of applause goes out to all the volunteers who helped make this night possible. Thanks to the stage managers and crew for running a tight ship and putting on a flawless show. Mrs. Bell, Lindsey K, Mrs. Edwards, Dana L, Mike O, Angela D, Camden C and Hayden K – great work! Thank you.

The sixth graders showed great leadership as our greeters and ushers. Thank you Jenacey and Destiny, Sean, Olivia, Gavin, Lane, Scotlyn and Kaden. You’re going places!

Fifth graders Laine and Molly raised money for a class trip with flower sales. Great idea and a great cause, thank you!

To Jenny W for having all the tricks up her sleeve, Renee W for being a rock, Dana L for the awesome signs, Kiely L for meticulous decorations installation, Amber E for reception support, all the kids who taped stars to the floor – Phoebe and Maggie, Campbell, Abby, Quinn and Ava, and Iris and Ella. Thanks to Sarah B and Diane G for help with the Talent Showcase, to Ms. Vicki for always being available, to Kelly and Brian E for designing and installing the super cute photo booth, to Mrs. Langeliers for mustaches and feather boas, to the late night volunteers for cleaning up feathers, and to event chair Ursula R for rallying the troops and keeping them hydrated.

Deva G guided our young artists through the Reflections Art Program. Special thanks to Deva, Letha M and Tom G for brilliant installation, and to judges Kelly E, Mrs. Bergeron and Mr. Cellan for their expert eyes. Congratulations to all the artists for their hard work and commitment! All pieces will be on display at Toucan Gallery April 8-14.

Mrs. Walker organized the first ever Poly Drive Juried Art Show. Thanks to everyone who encouraged our students to enter! Special thanks also goes to our Talent Showcase participants for rounding out a spectacular display of art and talent. Thank you to Mike C, juror, and to Deva G, Kayleith P and Letha M for collection, installation and clean up. Read more about the Reflections and Juried Art Shows, including a list of award recipients.

To our sponsors: St. Vincent Healthcare for sponsoring printing and beverage coolers, Robin R for lamination, Poly Drive Elementary for paper, and Lucky’s Market for cookies. We appreciate you!

And, finally, THANK YOU to all the performers and participants. We are amazed by your confidence, courage and talent! It not only gave us goose bumps to watch you perform, but it was heartwarming to see so many friends attend in support, even if they weren’t performing. You are all stars! We can’t wait to see what next year brings.

DVDs will be available for sale at March Madness, Friday, March 31 and at the Front Office afterward for $15 each. Proceeds offset event expenses, allowing us to have more fun social events for Poly families.