September Minutes

PTA Minutes – September 10, 2013
Attendance (26):
Jennifer Walker, Perrin Grubbs, Mike Leo, Kevin Croff, Tim Stavnes, Brenda Binstock, Kim Beatty, Caroline Chvilicek, Kelli Delaney, Annette Saylor, Heather Hughs, LuAnn Wadman, Briana Bergeron, Shannon Westerman, Cindy Stubbs, Kevin Stubbs, Rodney Willson, Tawna Tobinson, Darla Williams, Tanna Schaff, Darci Hertz, Mary Lave, Tori Hepp, Kerra Olson, Becca Egan, Kally Dreikosen

President: Call to order and introductions
Treasurer: Budget to be set after goals for fundraising are established
Volunteer Coordinator:
• Visit Poly Drive PTA website to sign-up to volunteer and update your info at
• If interested in volunteering for Saturday Live, contact Mary Lave` at
1. An inflatable and Mystery doors this year
2. in need of a newer generator that is less noisy for inflatable, contact Mary Lave`
3. teachers – signup sheet in the lounge
• Perrin Grubbs – Directory Coordinator- will be available at open house on Thursday evening to answer questions about
• The PTA is in need of a fundraising chair, and committee members for the communication committee, please contact Laura Bough if interested at
Principal Report:
• Accelerated Reading will continue to be funded by the PTA
• Open House – 5:30 and 6:00pm presentations followed by book fair and ice cream social
• Kindergarten and 1st grade are over accreditation – floating teacher in place to help with Kindergarten
• Veterans Day Breakfast – more info in newsletter
• RAP (Reading Assistance with Parents) if interested in volunteering to help students with reading, contact Mr. Croff
• In need of a crossing guard(paid position) from 8:00am – 8:40am, interested contact Mr. Croff
• Bond issue in November for more info please visit,
• Newsletter articles are due September 24 please email vicki at
• Coffee with Croff starting in October
• the blue truck used for recycling is no longer available, if you have info on a recycling unit contact Mr. Croff
Fundraising Goals:
• Nova Center of Performing Arts (Venture Theater) more info at — APPROVED
1. venture into schools, 2 week program for 2 hours a day M-F (after school program)
2. Musical – electrifying (educational)
3. Potentially in November
4. $2000 for 2 weeks – grades 4-6
• Lego Robotics (possibility)
1. Table discussion until October meeting
• Playground resurfacing ??
• Write to Learn $4500 for classroom set (grades 4-6) — APPROVED


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