Poly Drivers in brief: Coins for Change, Membership Scoop Drive

During October, the combined effort of KC Club and the Poly Drive PTA-Coins for Change-raised funds to benefit those recovering from hurricanes in the Southeast U.S., and wildfires in Montana. Students raised nearly $225 and the PTA donated an additional $75. In total, $300 was distributed among three charitable organizations. Way to give, Polar Bears!

This scoop just in: Winners from the school-wide Membership Scoop competition that concluded Oct. 15 are:
-Teacher gift card raffle winners: Mrs. Whittmeyer and Ms. Hanley
-Classroom ice cream parties: Mrs. Egan’s and Ms. Phillips’, for having the most family PTA memberships.
Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all who’ve joined Poly Drive PTA. Your membership is a win for everyone, as it helps all of our Poly students to achieve their potential. We currently have 85 families and 22 faculty among our PTA membership.

Poly Drivers: Polar Bears get their Read-A-Thon on!

Over 31 days worth of reading, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: that’s what Poly Drive students pulled off during this year’s Read-A-Thon. One hundred thirty four students participated, reading 44,976 minutes. Their efforts brought in $11,316 from generous sponsors. Here are the students that won prizes during Read-A-Thon.
Primary Hall (grades K-2):
Class with most sponsors: Mrs. Whittmeyer (1st grade), $1,915.45 (ice cream party); Class with the most minutes: Mrs. Whittmeyer: 3,925 minutes (extra recess)
Student with most sponsors: Stella N., $530 (Whittmeyer), Chuck E Cheese package; Student with the most minutes: Russell C-G., 780 minutes (Whittmeyer), AMC giftcard
Elementary Hall (grades 3-5):
Class with the most sponsors: Ms. Crasco/ Mrs. Davey (3rd grade), $724.30 (ice cream party); Class with the most minutes: Ms. Crasco/ Mrs. Davey: 4,832 minutes (extra recess)
Student with the most sponsors: Allie B., $287.90 (Ms. Phillips), Reef passes; Student with the most minutes: Jace D., 1,600 minutes (Ms. Phillips), AMC giftcard
Emma O. (Davey/Crasco) and Zoey T. (Wilcox/Blakesly) won a trip to Barnes and Noble to help Mrs. Caskey select books for the library because they were the second place winners for most minutes read. Raffle prize winners were: Benji B. (water bottle and Wise Wonders Children’s Museum passes), Sophie S. (Centennial Ice Arena passes), Samantha S. (Zoo Montana passes), Brayton F. (Sunset Bowl passes), Kamber K. (Toys ’R Us giftcard), Jadon T. (iTunes gift card), Everett D. (bookmarks pack), and Abby E. (bookmarks pack).
Special thanks to all the Poly Drive students, parents, teachers and staff, PTA volunteers and pledge donors that participated in Read-A-Thon 2017, as well as the special guest readers, Mrs. Caskey and chairperson Mandy Williams. Poly Drive PTA extends a huge thank you to prize donors: Zoo Montana, Wise Wonders, Sunset Bowl, Chuck E Cheese, Centennial Ice Arena, Mrs. Caskey, and the Williams/Dayton family.
The proceeds from Read-A-Thon go toward PTA-sponsored initiatives and activities, including Spanish Club, STEAM activities, 1:1 student computing, and the Talent Show.

Poly Drivers: A whole lotta miles trekked during fall Walk/Bike to School Week

Poly Drive students and parents logged 1,516.8 miles during the fall 2017 Walk/Bike to School Week, Oct. 2-6. Seventy five parents took 474 trips, logging 582 miles, and 160 students took 1,246 trips with a total of 934.8 miles.

Mrs. Watson’s class won the primary wing free recess with 81.8 miles logged, and Mrs. Egan’s class won the elementary wing recess with 102 miles.

Huge thanks to our walk bike to school week sponsors, Allegra Printing, The Bike Shop on Grand, and Cross Petroleum Service.

Also, we couldn’t have made WBTS week successful without all our parent volunteers.  We appreciate all that you do for Poly Drive Elementary Students.

Poly Drivers: Walk/Bike to School Week nets impressive mileage

The report on Walk/Bike to School Week for spring 2017 is here! During the week of May 8-12, Poly Drive students logged an impressive 795.3 miles. That’s one-third the length of Mississippi River, or all the way across Montana and half way back!
There were 1,585 trips. Mrs. Egan’s class had 131.7 miles, for a free recess win. And Mrs. Hanley’s fifth-graders logged 97.6 miles, winning them the intermediate grades’ extra recess prize.

What fuels all this energy? While we don’t have a confirmed report, we do know there have been some serious efforts on the Box Tops for Education front. In fact, Mrs. Whittmeyer’s class turned in the most Box Tops (829) winning them an afternoon treat of Wilcoxins ice cream bars. Congratulations and thanks to everyone for participating!

Poly Drivers: Readers share lunch and literature

This spring 100 enthusiastic readers participated in Poly Drive Readers. Many people helped made this successful reading enrichment experience possible. Thanks go to the students for participating, parents for encouraging their kids to read, the 13 volunteer facilitators who gave their time and energy to make this program possible, and to the teachers for the use of their classrooms. Facilitators were: Deva G., Briana B., Stephanie W., Maria K., Amber E., Robyn W., Jessica C., Casey B., Kally D., Lisa C., Jenny W., and Jenn D. Thanks also go out to Lucky’s Market for donating 25 pizzas. We appreciate their generous community support. I hope everyone reads some great books this summer and we look forward to next year.
~Kimberly W., chairperson

Poly Drivers: Stars and tech shine on @ Poly

Starlab came to Poly the week of April 24-28. The PTA STEM Committee hosted the portable planetarium from the Museum of the Rockies. Every class at Poly was able to spend 20-40 minutes in the inflated dome learning about our night sky, including Greek Mythology, Native American Constellations, and even the navigation of Lewis & Clark.
On Friday, April 28, Poly families were invited to our Starry Night Tech Event. With the support of Poly library and classroom teachers, families could experience technology in action with student and teacher presentations throughout the school. Special thanks to our teachers who helped with the evening and to Mrs. Caskey, our wonderful tech leader and librarian.
We sent over 175 people through the STARLAB to view the constellations in our night sky. Shannon Davis was the winner of the PTA Survey Chromebook Giveaway.
Thanks to organizers and presenters, Jennifer M. and Amber E., for their hard work and expertise in the STARLAB. It was a long week of set ups, takedowns, teaching and sharing alongside the Poly Drive teachers and all of their curious, excited students. Thanks to Mrs. Reas for giving up her space for the STARLAB and to Mrs. Buss, Mrs. Ruby, and the great support staff for all their help in getting us back up and running after lunch each day. Thanks to all of the volunteers who made the week and night event possible: Katie C., Ryan and Michelle D., Letha M., Shawn K., Cici and Bruce K., Becky S., Kiely L., Jeannie P., Jenny W., Renee W. and Briana B.

Poly Drivers: Teachers celebrated, spa-style

Our awesome teachers were celebrated during Teacher Appreciation, May 1-4. With a spa theme, wonderful treats, and small gifts throughout the week, we hoped to convey our gratitude for the people that make the magic happen with our kids.
Special thanks to the Fuller family and Fuller Periodontics & Implant Dentistry for providing yummy Ciao Mambo catered lunch on Tuesday. Thanks to the Doucette Family and 406 Kitchen & Taproom for hosting the long lunch on Thursday. What a great atmosphere to enjoy a few extra minutes of down time! At the end of the week, raffle gifts were distributed including a Granite Membership, spa robe and gift certificate to name just a few.
Many thanks for the volunteers who planned, prepped, decorated and supplied treats, including Jennifer M., Amber E., Erica H., Shelby G., Shannon W., Dana L., Traci S., Lyndsay S., Renee W., Heather H., Robyn W., Briana B., Paula P., Brooke B., Jeannie P. and Kiely L. Thanks also to Maria K. and our additional room parents for their help including, Tonya A., Mandy W., Deva G., Amy F., Scott B., Shaydean S., Erica L., Kimberly W. and Mary L. and all the others who made the week a success.

Poly Drivers: March Madness nets funds and fun

March Madness mixed old favorites and new features. Initial figures from the Mar. 31 event indicate about $500 raised from the Dino-ize Croff effort. And dessert enthusiasts paid about $1,500 at the new Decadent Dessert Auction. After expenses, $8,593 was raised to benefit the PTA STEM fund at Poly Drive.
A highlight of the evening was Principal’s Croff stint as a T-Rex. He marched through the hallways in the inflatable suit, as students reached their fundraising goal.
The PTA extends a sincere thank you to all volunteers and the generous March Madness sponsors:
-The Bike Shop
-Billings Marble and Granite
-Buchanan Capital
-Byorth Family
-Cozzens-Guidice Family
-EPC Services Company
-Fuller Periodontics and Implant Dentistry
-Granite Health and Fitness
-Jourdan Guidice CPA
-Harvest Tech Garden and Greenhouse Supply
-Kelly Colt Interior Design
-Pediatric Therapy Clinic
-Poly Food Basket
-Sanctuary Spa
-Ty Nelson Construction

Poly Drivers: Poly artists advance to state level


After months of learning and creating, several Poly Drive students have advanced to the state level competition of the National PTA’s Reflections Arts program.

This national competition has six categories: Photography, Dance Choreography, Film Production, Music Composition, Literature, and Visual Arts. Each year a different theme is chosen. This year, the theme is What’s Your Story? Students must submit a written piece, or artist statement along with their final work that makes a connection between their work and the theme. The work is first judged by category and age division within each school. The first and second place winners from each category advance to the state level. State level judging takes place in February. The first place entries at the state level advance to the National Level on March 1. National level winners will be announced on May 1.

Our group of 14 Poly Drive artists met twice a month to learn about composition, and art history, and to try new materials. Chairperson Deva Gallagher led the artists in their explorations and learning. Each student produced a final piece based upon the theme. The first and second place winners for each division/ category are:

Visual Arts grades K-2
1. Sadie R
2. Iris G

Visual Arts grades 3-5
1. Maren R
2. Caroline K

Literature grades 3-5
Leela O

The group’s work will be displayed at the Poly Drive talent show on February 24. The work will also be displayed at a local art gallery, and at Poly Drive School. Please e-mail Deva Gallagher at gdevatom@yahoo.com if you have a child interested in the arts, and would like to be added to the list for next year.
Congratulations to all our Poly Drive artists for their efforts! And a huge thank you to Deva for her dedication and expertise in this process, as well as the parents for supporting their artists.