Poly Drivers: Teachers celebrated, spa-style

Our awesome teachers were celebrated during Teacher Appreciation, May 1-4. With a spa theme, wonderful treats, and small gifts throughout the week, we hoped to convey our gratitude for the people that make the magic happen with our kids.
Special thanks to the Fuller family and Fuller Periodontics & Implant Dentistry for providing yummy Ciao Mambo catered lunch on Tuesday. Thanks to the Doucette Family and 406 Kitchen & Taproom for hosting the long lunch on Thursday. What a great atmosphere to enjoy a few extra minutes of down time! At the end of the week, raffle gifts were distributed including a Granite Membership, spa robe and gift certificate to name just a few.
Many thanks for the volunteers who planned, prepped, decorated and supplied treats, including Jennifer M., Amber E., Erica H., Shelby G., Shannon W., Dana L., Traci S., Lyndsay S., Renee W., Heather H., Robyn W., Briana B., Paula P., Brooke B., Jeannie P. and Kiely L. Thanks also to Maria K. and our additional room parents for their help including, Tonya A., Mandy W., Deva G., Amy F., Scott B., Shaydean S., Erica L., Kimberly W. and Mary L. and all the others who made the week a success.