Read-a-thon continues

Students are getting their “read” on during this week’s Read-A-Thon. Each day features a guest reader and theme. Guest readers begin at 8:10 in the library. Students can count those minutes in their read-a-thon totals.

Monday: Mr. Croff “Read with Style” (Dress up for school)
Tuesday: Officer Sheldon “Veg Out Reading”… (Bring a can of veggies for the Food Bank)
Wednesday: Jeff Ewelt of Zoo Montana “WWW – We Wear Words” (Wear clothing that features appropriate words)
Thursday: Fireman Tim Stavnes “RED – Read Every Day” (Wear red to school)
Friday: The Cat in the Hat “Hat Day” (Wear a hat in honor of Cat in the Hat)

Students may continue to gather sponsors during this reading week. Additional sponsor sheets are available here.